Quo vadimos?  … that’s the real question

If I may correct Mister Shakespeare, and my he accept my inceptive attempt, graciously.

To be or not to be?  That’s not the question.  It is fairly obvious that we are.  We cause enough havoc on this planet, which is not OUR planet.  As the Native Americans stated long time ago: “Our children do not inherit this planet, we borrowed it from them.”  What a respectful way of looking at it.

Let me start.  My friends and I often wonder about this question and over a coffee or a bottle of red, sometimes, we come up with some ‘plausible’ thoughts.  I am the one, who writes them up. They may not be in line with ‘currently’ accepted science, weltanschauung or what our leaders want to hear from us and want us to believe.  However, so often, thinkers have been ahead of their times.

Albert used to say: “If only our thinkers could learn to talk and our talkers learn to think.”  OK, here I publish the thoughts from the minds of a few odd balls, as well as my own… trying to talk.  Now, you odd balls out there, start reading!

It is our hope, that these publications inspire you and your contributions may lift us all into the realms of real philosophy… the friends of Sophia, the goddess of thought.


Please accept my comment

All I have written here is based on my experience and consecutive thoughts and derived conclusions.  Ans as much as I like to have the freedom to express and blogging is a great way, the same freedom is there for everyone else.  The idea is to learn from each others experience and not to make each other wrong.

It is not my intention to indulge in assumptions, generalisations and even less, judgements.  If you find me falling into this trap, please, pick me up on it and I will do my best to correct it.


It’s a process

03.06.2011    This is an all new blog and in the process of evolving… keep your eyes peeled and your ears turned up…

05.06.2011    Like my new header?  All done on Photoshop….

Amadeus Wordjugler

…. obviously, this is me

07.06.2011    A few stories are out there now…. hoo hoo hoo!  hope you feel inspired….

13.06.2011    It’s growing fast…

15.06.2011    More editing and polishing….

11.08.2011    More polishing and a new title… like it?….

07.11.2011    Nothing much happening… just found a hints page of WordPress “How to Get More Traffic” and I am in the process of applying some of their advice.  See what will happen.

07.11.2012     Nothing much happened after the “How to get more traffic” inclusions

23.03.2013    This morning, at 6:15 I arrived at Sydney airport… 30 years in Australia!

05.07.2014   Revealed my real name. . . and dusted the site. . . I still don’t know where you all are and how to find you

19.08.2014  Added a new topic: Metapsyche… and two hot stories under it


Any thoughts and ideas absolutely appreciated!!


Contact me

If you don’t want to leave a comment on my blog but wish to contact me personally… I’d love to hear from you… especially good things…  Just click on this link and it will open your email writer with my email address on it.


Wolfgang Köhler

alias Amadeus Wordjugler



a wee bit info on how to navigate around in this blog.  All the heading have individual dropdown menues, which appear when you hover your mouse pointer over it.  Slide down and click on the story you want to read and it will take you there.  Otherwise, at the bottom of this page you find a header Everything on this blog with all the articles and stories I have have published here.



and just in case you can’t wait to find out more about me:.

Little about Lots

…..A bit about me

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