In the Mind

As far as I can remember back, my mind and its imaginations have been my most active and enjoyable part.  During my professional life, it had an exceptional time.  In retirement, after tying up some loose ends, it found itself a bit at a loose end, on the loose.

It realised that it can think whatever it liked… the limits are set by itself.

On this site, you find unrhymed sparks of inspirations, (sometimes triggered by real life!), and distillations of pondering “why”.   This “why + something” often marks the onset of my writings, and at this point, at least as often, I would have no idea where my mind would take me.

My writing follows inspiration; when there is no inspiration, I stop.  I won’t wait, there is plenty to do; so far it has always returned with a bunch of surprises.

Let me invite you to join in the fun of exploring, and let yourself be amazed by the journey’s course and destination.

enjoy, Wolfgang Köhler
Light Vader

17 November 2018

Why Ingeneer?
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