… and Here you are.

cow curious clip

Curious about where to click? For all there is (on this blog), be daring and click here.

When starting this blog, I thought, this all far too serious.  Smiling is the most important.  My job is done when you smile.  If you notice that there is no smile on your face, stop and try harder or just grin, anyhow.

You may find some of my thoughts and ideas non-conformant with the currently accepted opinion of science, Weltanschauung or what our leaders (?) want us to believe.

Hopefully, you feel inspired and lifted into the realm of real philosophy… the space for the friends of Sophia, the goddess of thought and say hello to me.

Albert said: “If only our thinkers could learn to talk and our talkers learn to think.”  OK, here are thoughts from a thinker trying to talk.  Let us start communicating!
So we know, we are not alone.

This cartoon is by Kent, Roberts, Blyberg.  I have slightly adjusted it to my personal needs.rattling 150727




Amadeus W.

13 June 2011

PS: Some of the titles have a ` after them.  At the moment, I am reading my own writing, wondering what I wanted to say and I cannot help but editing.  Those stories with a ` have been edited recently.  This is happening with all my sites.  Why?  I wonder.