Here you are, I think.  Cogito ergo sum vobis.

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Welcome.  I started this site because I wanted to find people who have thoughts which go beyond the ordinary.  Why?  I would like us to talk about these thoughts and stimulate each other.


Here are three suggestions about how to get around in this site:

Number one is for the daring amongst you readers.  Click here and you will be taken to the table of content.  Either, just click on any title, or, if you are more methodical, start at the top.

Number two.  Here I give short introductions to three stories with their direct link.  Clicking on their title will take you there.

Metamorphosis — is a discussion about in how far the principle of metamorphosis may be applied to all life, not only certain insects.  They don’t know that they had undergone this process, why should we know?
Simply said — starts with some comments about the simplicity of things and continues with suggestions what the components of the cosmos are.  Contented I ended up with five, like the five elements of Eastern philosophy.
Imagine — is some sort of poem where each line starts with the word imagine and each line’s idea takes you to another conclusion ending up with everything.
Difficult or Not — is an episode about when I needed to make a serious decision with a lack of information.  My mind went ballistic and then something happened.

Number three just crossed my mind, and I grabbed it before it could swish around the corner.  I started a list of Content with Introductions.  It will grow, promise.

Any of your suggestions are appreciated; click on Contact Me.


Albert said: “If only our thinkers could learn to talk and our talkers learn to think.”  OK, here is a thinker trying to talk.

Amadeus W.
13 June 2011

PS: Nullius in Verba (Latin for on the word of no one or take nobody’s word for it).  Hence, don’t take my word for it.

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