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1412 11 Me in car small uplQuo vadimos?  …Where are we going?  What does the future hold for us and our children and their children?

Then I thought, it is all too serious.  The intention of my writing is to call up a smile in you.  When you feel it, then you are in the right frame of lightness to read on, then my writing has achieved its purpose.  If no smile, stop, and try again tomorrow.
…. My thoughts, ideas and experiences may not be in line with currently accepted science, weltanschauung or what our leaders want to hear from us and want us to believe.  However, thinkers have been known to be often ahead of or outside their times.

Albert said: “If only our thinkers could learn to talk and our talkers learn to think.”  OK, here I publish the thoughts from an odd ball … a thinker trying to talk.

Now, you odd balls out there, start reading and communicating!  So we know, we are not alone.

It is my hope, that these publications inspire you and your contributions may lift us all into the realms of real philosophy… the friends of Sophia, the goddess of thought.


This cartoon is a shortened version of how it appeared in the last Sunday paper, by Kent, Roberts, Blyberg.  It felt very relevant to my situation… the rusty gears, I mean.  I have adjusted it to my personal needs.rattling 150727
By the way, I have stopped reading the papers as well as watching the news.  My friend Terry buys the paper on Sundays while we having coffee.  He hands me over the comics page.  Friends just know.



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