Out of Mind.

Here begin the Ruminations of Wolfgang Werner Köhler
Fellow of Happiness

Brisbane, 17 November 2009

If your “Inglis” is not your happy language
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As far as I can remember back, my imagination has been the most active and enjoyable part of my existence.  During my working life as an ingeneer (ingeneer?), it had an extraordinarily good time, stifled only by my mind, occasionally.   My kind of ingeneer is a generalist who knows little about a lot, a cross-linker, an instigator, a collector, and a synthesist.  I can see structures, overviews and network plans, construct things in my mind and my dreaming solidifies their outcomes.  Of course, in the end, all the “I ‘s” need to be dotted and the “T ‘s” crossed.  At the boring detailing state, one needs to exactly know what one is doing.

During the early nineteen-eighties, it occurred to me that there are no limits to what I can imagine, may it be whatever it likes… restricted only by my mind.  In retirement, after tying up some loose ends, it (my mind) found itself a bit at a loose end, on the loose, and allowed itself to play, letting loose the reigns. Oh, what fun it is to ride…

On this website, you find unrhymed sparks of inspiration, casually triggered by actual life, distillations of cogitations or even by sound science (is there something like this?), a kaleidoscope of unleashed ends immingled to serve the manifestation of my visions.

Events like this stimulate my stories, however, their inspiration must be strong enough to make me write, often without providing a course or destination.   When inspiration wears off, I stop; there is no anxious regurgitation, there is always plenty to do. Until now, the flow of inspiration has returned, most of the time; if not, there is no reason for nervous grumbling. The story just falls onto the pile of the unfinished.

Let me invite you to join in the fun of exploring, and let yourself be amazed by the journey’s course and destination.  Allow me to widen your sense of possibility and elaborate on differences, above all, allow them to exist.

be the means to your dreams

Curious about all there is?  …even a translator!