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Brisbane, 17 November 2009

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Receiving inspirations from somewhere outside of my mind, and engaging with them, has been the most active and enjoyable part of my existence.  During my work as an ingeneer (ingeneer?), my mind had an extraordinary time, stifled only by the boss, occasionally.   In my mind, I see structures, I build and disassemble things and let them move.  Alas, manifestation demands the boring detailing state, when all the “I’s” need to be dotted and the “T’s” to be crossed.

Fresh Cab SaV – sparks Verbalisation of Visdom

During the early nineteen‑seventies, I experienced the limitlessness of inspirations, restricted only by my mind‘s capacity.  Early in my retirement – that’s what people call it who are not retired – my mind found itself a bit at a loose end, and surprisingly enjoyed letting loose the reigns. Oh, what fun it is to ride…

One day, my mind went fidgety due to overloading, no space was left for play and experimenting.  Receiving inspirations necessitates free space.  How to get stuff out of my mind?  The answer for my kind of mind is writing.

Why publish on a website?  Writing, expressing an imagination containing aspects unknown to me, and shaping those into words, is challenging.  It fills me with joy when I sense my impression matching my writing.

This joy I like to share with you.  When reading, information is transferred from outside your mind.  Allow your curiosity to kindle your courage, free a little space in your mind and let my story unfold in whatever way it will.

Understanding or agreement are irrelevant to experiencing your mind’s response.  You may sense some meaning that is new to you.  Permit it to find its expression for you.  Let it out of your mind, in any form which pleases you.


Joy is one of those things
which multiply when shared.

[I wish, I said this first
the sayings on all other pages I did]

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