After a one week Retreat

Hello to all out there


I arrived at home last night from a one week retreat near Byron Bay.  Learning the art of Form.  Today, I added one parable, which happened to me during the retreat, called “In the End” stored under “Parapsyche


And under the heading “Metasophy” I published a poem called “Knowing each other” which I wrote many years ago.  I found it amazing, how relevant it is in reference with the content of the retreat.


Since you all know now how to navigate in my blog, I did not attache the links to the titles.


It may be a bit turbulent, hang in there, friends


as alway, to you, auf Wiedersehen


Amadeus Wolfgang


Author: Amadeus W.

Ingeneer, designer and potterer... German living in Australia ... exploring life's extraordinary journey ... and a few more thises and thats ... passionate writer, Tango dancer and Opa

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