Time and Gravity

Thinking about Time and Gravity was the topic, which gave me a few sleepless nights, recently.  Now, it’s out and I can settle down again. What is it about?  I applied the fact, that time and gravity are related on some practical aspects of life.

They (scientists) have postulated for some time, since Albert, that there is a connection between time and gravity.  They have mathematically and logically proven that it is this way, because near Black Holes gravity increases and time slows down.  It is safe to say so, because, it will take a long time before any of us will  be able to go there and check it out.  Scientific fame is for now.

So far, what has been proven is: most scientific conclusions, rules, laws and principles have been proven wrong.

I am not a scientist.  Still, I may get proven wrong, too.


Amadeus Wolfgang

Almost forgot, the link


Author: Amadeus W.

Ingeneer, designer and potterer... German living in Australia ... exploring life's extraordinary journey ... and a few more thises and thats ... passionate writer, Tango dancer and Opa

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