Back from Sydney

Yep, had a good time with my great children and grandchildren, even it rained quite a bit… what can I say, it has been raining in Brizzy ever since I returned.  The good thing is, it gave me time to release a few of my writings.

The Circle Mudra

is a self talk while I was following the task to form the mudra in a way, as if I had never done it before…

What about IT?

It is about IT.  The force, the universe, the IT we talk to, about its existence.  I wrote it the way the words came into my mind.

As always



… the one who loves movement


Author: Amadeus W.

Ingeneer, designer and potterer... German living in Australia ... exploring life's extraordinary journey ... and a few more thises and thats ... passionate writer, Tango dancer and Opa

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