New Thoughts on Nothing

Friends, it does not stop.  There are still ideas coming.  Where from?

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A short poem on waves and what they do.

My Journey to Kenon

How I began to get interested in nothing, started to think and write about it and how I still find more (in nothing).


Wolfgang Köhler
Light Vader


27 thoughts on “New Thoughts on Nothing”

  1. (N) Wonder of Being is completed the instant it began. Without knowing, Something exist, within the (N). The inherent ignorance, leads to seeing the contrast between each Being. But in the end (S), has time to recognize that, this isn’t of its doing. (N), result is awareness. (S), result is to observe. IT, aware of Self, & observant all else, begins to understand what must be done. So (I), rests assured that Being, will continue to lasts forever.

    1. I love your style of writing. I need to read it several times (no bother at all) to feel how you express my knowing. It is exciting. One could say, my background is scientific, and in my heart, I have always been a renaissance romantic, thus touchable and open. The instant Wonder of Being, I know it. …what is it that must be done?

  2. Because you do, already understand I feel comfortable sharing the key. (N) couldn’t be the beginning, or else that’s all ther would be. To me, (N) is an answer to the only WONDER of The GREAT UNKNOWN. But, because (N) is completely unaware, it only Wonders of its own, Being. That ignorance, is the foundation of everything after.

    1. Since I am a designer, the Great Unknown is not a stranger to me, thus not really unknown to me. At the beginning of everything (I have done) was nothing. It is absolutely essential. Without nothing, something cannot exist. Something is inbedded in nothing. At the beginning stands the not knowing, the wonder, the child, the empty mind. I love waiting in this space, for the early seeds to occur. It is my favourite space, the moment before the beginning. So far, ALWAYS something began. It feels as if something desires to form in nothing. Perhaps, the Great One loves to surprise me. Then He laughs and I join.

      1. Which is why I call on you, to help make sense of all this, previously useless jargon. As a kid, I had the potential to be anything, but without direction, I became nothing. Maybe it was all part The Plan. If I had finished school, or became an athlete or great chef, I would’ve been distracted from this path of enlightenment. Now I know, my only mission is to share with the world that, #NOTHINGMatters.

  3. I thought I’d make a few changes to the site, & ended up starting a new 1. I’m As far as the recorder, we need to see It, as an actual Being. Therefore, the resulting awareness of Nothing & the eventual observance of Something, must too, be see as Being. Awareness + Observance = Understanding. a simple man with simple thoughts

    1. Let me try:
      The recorder is a being… a part of me, inside me?
      Nothing exists.
      Something exists.
      Awareness + observance = knowing… I can know something without understanding it. Knowing takes in, anything, any experience. Understanding, I see, as the end of a thinking process. There is a lot, I do not understand, but know, because I have experienced it.

  4. To understand, we must see It, as an actual Being. Therefore, the same goes for Something & Nothing. The key is their Wonder

      1. I only meant that you already know! But to me, It is the recorder. A product of Nothing’s awareness, combined with the observance of Something. It, is understanding

      2. Tell me more about the recorder… if you don’t mind. We both may know it and if we want to converse about it, we need to learn our ways of talking about it. I am curious to learn about your path. Feel free to ask me.

        I tried to find your poem again… gone?

      3. I moved it to, @ nothingmatters2015. Now that I know a little more about blogging, I wanted to start over. Currently moving things around, but feel free to message at any time. I didn’t want to force it, but I would be elated to further our studies.

  5. I too, have been to Kenon. Maybe we’re on to Something. Was starting a blog & came across your site. Let’s discuss the Science of NOTHING

    1. I hopped over to your site… some I got (I think/feel) and some not. Will read it again.
      Need to be clear about nothing and kenon. They are different in common terms.
      Often, when WE speak, we say nothing but mean kenon.
      It is an unfamiliar word. The distinction is important for clarity, the precursor for any truth.
      At the moment, I doubt (my mind), whether there is TRUTH.
      My heart smiles and knows, it does not matter.

      1. I don’t know how or why, but I been receiving messages for a while. I’ve come to realize that, (N)NOTHING is the first attempt, to explain THE GREAT UNKNOWN … In my eyes, Kenon, is result of that first attempt to know Self. Even if I’m wrong, it seems like you’d be a good guide on my journey through the mind, in the hope of understanding (TGU)

      2. I hear you. Messages, hm. Have you asked yourself, from where? There is only one unknown (great) and it includes everything. “Knowing” anything is an illusion of our fearful mind. Do you mean SELF or self? Wright, wrong? What does it feel like? Oops, me, a guide? Try to sense what or who your mind is. The journey is not in your mind. It is far too small. No hope to ?understand? … under stand… stand under

      3. everything you’re saying, has been ringing in my ears for the last 20 years. not literally, but attributing the message to nothing, opened the door to understanding NOTHING. its like now i know, but nobody would believe me to be true. example: on your site, you speak of the power of question. I call it WONDER

      4. Pheeooh! Everything is a big word. I wonder why those words exist. They have no application. It is like one knows. Nobody can believe you. True is another one of those words. When you wonder, what does it do, what do you do, where does it lead?

      5. Sorry if I got too deep. but I no longer wonder of the little things, now that I’ve seen the root of ALL.

      6. Lol… Never been apart of the grid. That’s just it, I don’t know. But when I saw the recommendation, I figured, why not take a peek. Lo & behold, although we have different names, our science of study are almost, an exact match.

      7. I went into the grid, because I realised, riding the wave of the internet helps transmitting.

        We all move for the same goal
        Knowing it or not
        Perpetual torrents induce a centric pull.

        Like spokes converge
        As they approach the centre
        We draw nearer to one another
        On our individual journey, inwards.

        Closeness reveals our likeness
        Concords in compassion
        Our origins and travel
        Drown in stagnant past.

        In the hub we know each other
        Difference turns irrelevant
        Sharing the sense, of no separation
        Consumed in one identical motion.

        Drawn into the fulcrum
        Filled with timeless nothing
        The motionless axis of the whirling wheel
        Holds all in one conscious being,
        In matterless now.

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