Muses kissed me

Lately, the Muses have kissed me quite often.  They have become more considerate and do it more often during the day.  I guess, it comes from me including more quiet moments, during which I am more receptive.

Rather than bothering you with the stories individually, this time I offer you several at one time.  You find them under the heading Latest Publications in the footer of my blog SMILE.

The latest is Where am I?  I am grateful that the inspiration happened while I was waking from my power nap.  It tells a way to find out where the centre of your world is… and it ended up as a poem.
Occam’s razor is about a scientific way used to find out the best solution amongst several.  A method I found quite applicable when at a point of choice.
And now, What?  The eternal question about right and wrong and finding an answer outside where most look for one.
Ten Thousand Miles … I wrote almost 25 years ago.  It relates to a saying of Lao Tsu, which has become part of my life.
As I said, go to the blog and you find the links in the footer under the heading  Latest Publications
As always, enjoy


Wolfgang Köhler

23 October 2016


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