A collection of sayings, snippets of poems and conversations, which have inspired and guided me for a long time, some, all my life.  The original, more or less, is written in red.  Of course, some came to me while living in Germany … translations are in turquoise.

The first inspiring phrase I remember was part of a song we learned at school when I was about eight years old.  Der Mond ist aufgegangenThe Moon has risen by Matthias Claudius (a bit further down).  The words validated my experience when sensing, there is more than meets the eye.


Mary PoppinsPoppins_orig

Just a little bit of sugar helps the medicine go down.
—— This helps me to justify drinking a glass of red and when talking to others.


In everything that needs to be done, there is an element of fun.
—— Sometimes, I have to search for the element of fun.
Some would call it procrastination.  It is such a harsh word.



Matthias Claudiusmatthias-claudius-denkmal-01

Seht ihr den Mond dort stehen?
Er ist nur halb zu sehen
und ist doch rund und schön.
So sind wohl manche Sachen,
die wir getrost belachen,
weil uns’re Augen sie nicht seh’n.

Do you see the moon up there?
Only half of her can be seen,
Still, she is round and beautiful.
This goes for many things
We laugh at without hesitation,
Just because our eyes don’t see them.



AK-Friedrich-Schiller-im-PortraitFriedrich Schiller

Frisch Gesellen seit zur Hand
Soll das Werk den Meister loben
Doch der Segen kommt von oben.

Joyful, workers lend a hand
Should the task praise the Master
Though the blessing comes from above
—— If we want to do a good job, let’s do it joyfully,
and still, leave space for magic.

Des Lebens ungemischte Freude
Ward keinem Irdischen zuteil.

Life’s unblended joy was not given to any earthling.



My Father4806 parents+Elfriede Werner+ me

Es ist egal (wie man etwas beginnt), am Ende kommt alles zusammen.

It does not matter (how one approaches a task), in the end, all comes together.

Quite often, I heard my Oma ask my father
what he was doing,
after he had been looking out of the window
for quite some time.
I heard him reply: AugenpflegeEye care.



Amadeus W.141109 Me curly blond med small

The heart knows only one thing: “Yes.”

When I ask myself a yes/no question, the yes comes, before the mind kicks in.
And if it does not come, I know what it means.
How I know it’s my mind talking?  It explains.



Winnie the PoohWinnie and piglet grey

“Pooh, when you wake up in the morning,
what’s your first thought?”
“What’s for breakfast?”
—— This is so important when I struggle
with getting my priorities right.

“Piglet, what day is it?” asked Pooh.
“It’s today,” Piglet squealed.
“My favourite day,” said Pooh.
—— This helps me much finding the presence
and seeing the fun in it.



Lao Tsulaotzu-5

Life is simple when you are simple
—— Wow, did my life change, once I started applying this.

The snow goose need not bathe to be white.
—— You don’t need to be nice to be wise.

The Tao and you are one.
You can’t be anywhere else but on your Tao.

—— Knowing this
removes my doubt
about being on the right track, or not.




Wolfgang Köhler
5 November 2015

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