Where am I?

Whatever your reason for asking may be
it’s a good thing to know your locality
within your personal scheme of life
may it be big or small,
or it may be rife.



Plant a tree, right now and at this place
and see it grow at its own pace.
Then, start moving in a line very straight
Perhaps choose the green line’s direction but no matter what gate.


Once you arrive at the end of your course,
let’s say at point A,
look around, have a pause
before you return on the path you have trodden,
I marked it yellow, in case you’ve forgotten.


Now, measure the length of your trip as you go,
you will pass by the tree, the one you know.
Continue steady and follow the line
till you reach point B,
the other edge of your paradigm.


Cut in half, distance A to B
I marked it with a blue X,
as you easily can see.
At the crosspoint of the yellow line and the blue
Form a strict right angle between the two.


I suggest go to point C, but it does not matter.where-am-i-here-blue-surr-grey-inside
Once you arrive whatever the latter,
turn around and start counting.
At point D you know the number of steps
to which they are amounting.


Cut the blue line in half, it’s marked red point Y.
Again at a right angle, pace off on the red way.
Adhere to the rule without further ado
cut the distance in half
close to point Y is point Z, in dark blue.


You could keep on repeating
without much achieving,
because one can predict
the next cross is nearby,
in close vicinity of point Z and Y.


What’s the point of the exercise?

If for more balance amongst things you strive
move away from your current point in life
away from your island with the tree
toward the centre you just found.
Knowing where it is, makes it a cup of tea.


This trick is applied in technology
to determine the centre of gravity
of any odd shape.
Once pondering over my place in my world
It gave me something to do
and quickly lifted me out of my state of blue.



Wolfgang Köhler
23 October 2016

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