Fountain Pen Flex Nibs Published

It is amazing what interests people have.  One of mine is fountain pens, designing them.  Talking with people, I discovered that there are remarkable many around who share the same stick horse.

Rather than keeping it amongst my known fountain pen friends, I decided to go more public.  One never knows who else might be interested.  Here is the link to the article

Fountain Pen Flex Nibs

See you there… and, enjoy


Muses kissed me

Lately, the Muses have kissed me quite often.  They have become more considerate and do it more often during the day.  I guess, it comes from me including more quiet moments, during which I am more receptive.

Rather than bothering you with the stories individually, this time I offer you several at one time.  You find them under the heading Latest Publications in the footer of my blog SMILE.

The latest is Where am I?  I am grateful that the inspiration happened while I was waking from my power nap.  It tells a way to find out where the centre of your world is… and it ended up as a poem.
Occam’s razor is about a scientific way used to find out the best solution amongst several.  A method I found quite applicable when at a point of choice.
And now, What?  The eternal question about right and wrong and finding an answer outside where most look for one.
Ten Thousand Miles … I wrote almost 25 years ago.  It relates to a saying of Lao Tsu, which has become part of my life.
As I said, go to the blog and you find the links in the footer under the heading  Latest Publications
As always, enjoy

Amadeus W.

23 October 2016


Been Busy

For the last few weeks I have been very busy, with myself and my fountain pen blog Fountain Pen Magic.  Many visitors.

Now, I would like to tell you that I have published three little writings, namely:

Surrender for Peace

Where Creativity grows


Ten Thousand Miles

You find links to them at the footer of my blog SMILE under the heading Latest Publications.

as always, enjoy


Mind and Time

The moment or moments in time, as they follow each other or not… has been a topic, which I have pursuing for many years, decades and mostly I left the thoughts on the shelf for unfinished business.

Today, I offer you a train of thought, which has come up recently.  It started with moments, moved on to the mind and time and evolved in an unexpected direction…

Mind and Time


Amadeus W.

Brisbane, 25 October 2015