To be honest, sometimes I forget what meaning I intended to cover in the words I created for different types of new sections of science. I have to look at the etymology of the words.  The stories under the sections reinforce the original idea.

Clicking on the word takes you to the page where it is used.

ENTROPY…  the quality of space and matter, Rudolf Clausius in 1865, said: “The amount of energy in the universe is constant,” and “The entropy of the universe tends to a maximum.”  Before he coined the word entropy (Greek ≈ conversion) he used the word Anordnungsfreiheit (German) meaning: “the amount of freedom to choose a position within a formation.”  I like that.

EXCOGITATIONS …  Thinking something out with care in order to achieve the complete understanding of it – the creation of something with and in the mind.

from Chamber’s Dictionary: excogitāre, -ātum –ex, out, cogitāre   to think

HEURONICS  …   The mental process of searching for and finding of solutions.

1 Heuron (1 Hron) ≈ 1 bit of thought effort
1 kHron ≈ 1 bit of substantial thought
1 Mhron ≈ 1 item thought through
1 Ghron ≈ 1 completed manifestation

Heureka! ≈ I found it!…. Heuristics ≈ the science of solution-oriented thinking, way of thinking conducive to problem-solving

INGENEER  …  the proper way of spelling ingeneer as supposed to engineer, who is someone who works with engines.  Ingeneers are called this way because they are ingenious!  It is this way in many other languages, English is the only one who has not caught up with the rest of the world.  There is an essay on this topic Engi– or Inge –neer

KARO …  new name for the really and truly smallest components of the cosmos, the absolute indivisible.  (since the Greek word has been misused by science)

Somali, its culture is known since ~ 4000 BC, qaybin karo ≈ divided until

KENON …  Emptiness without anything in it, not a bit of dust and with no borders, unlimited. There are other forms of emptinesses as they are described in the essay with the same name.

Greek, kenon that which is empty

KENONICS …  The science of kenon, the emptiness.  Introduced in my essay on KENON

made up from kenon and the ‘tics’ and ‘ics’

LIFE  …  Consists of: 1 start, 1 end, 1 in-between which includes ∞ moments of now

METASOPHY  …  Thinking beyond Boundaries… beyond the ordinary, explainable, accepted knowledge of physics, of normal boundaries?

meta ≈ goal, the top,  Sophia ≈ goddess of thinking

NOVOSCIENCE  …  New Science, to make space for new, simpler answers

It’s about time

 NOW  …  A definite, extremely short, almost elusive moment of time

If you don’t catch it, it’s gone

ORDINARITY  …  Pretty ordinary, or what one would think is ordinary, or expect to be ordinary, our accepted reality

PARAPSYCHE  …  Experience occurring in or received from beyond body, mind and including the soul

para ≈ above, beyond, psyche ≈ responsible for thoughts and feelings; the seat of the faculty of reason

SYNERGY …  you can look it up or read my definition.  When the sum of the individuals is larger than their number… when people work together, in harmony, they achieve more than when they work on their own.

A new word created from synchronous and energy


Wolfgang Köhler
8 October 2016

Why ingeneer?
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