Nothing & Something

They are still searching for things, even they find less and less.
One thing is for sure:
at the end of finding something
…there is nothing
…   … and when they start looking for nothing
…   …   … they will discover more and more of it.


Dear Friends

Once in a lifetime, something of world-changing significance occurs.  The collective unconsciousness has chosen me to initiate this event when instigating a fundamental, essential experience in my mind.  Join me on my Journey to Kenon.

0906 27 me BW Onestone 110611As often, when unfamiliar thoughts pass through, it requires a moment to recognise them as such and then to grasp them long enough so that they can take shape.

Even after painstaking efforts, this manifesto is stifled by my limited abilities to translate those generic impressions into tangible words.  Many of the initially clear impressions only found their humble expression in questions.

Since you are here and read this, there is a reason.  Let this be the inspiration for you to read my inaugural paper on kenon, a topic that will change the world, as we know it.  Not much lost you may comment, correctly.

Standing at the cradle of a new world era, I ask you to add to my thoughts, suggest answers to my questions, and pose questions or postulates.  Discuss them as they arise in your mind.

I do not claim ownership of the content but acknowledge inspirations from a higher realm.  Open yourself and permit this source touch you.  Allow the thought to grow and mature into a world-embracing new paradigm, the place it deserves.

In this spirit let us form the ‘Kinship of Kenon’.



You are in the process of entering a paradigm. Please share your experience.

Kenonics, the Science of Absolute Space

Are you sure you want to read this?  You will never be the same!


Wolfgang Köhler

13 June 2006

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