Journey to Kenon

It started long ago, some time in the mid-eighties. I decided to assemble a table for my writings that helps me remembering of highlights of the journey. The collection will include the titles, the time of writing and publishing and significant conclusions.

I have written much.  I have no idea what I wrote five years ago, let alone thirty.  I feel curious wonder, ready for surprises.

This is what I appreciate most about computers. Within the range of work I do with them, writing, blogging and music editing, they are patient and store anything with precision, without complaint.  Even when I start a project, like this one, I have only a rough idea of where it will take me.

Marvellous. Let’s start, I can’t wait.


Earliest traces I found in 1988.

13 April 1988 Waves October 2015 Waves Splash 880413z.rtf
  6    readers Endless repletion, never the same, shape rock and sand, and Splash
13 June 2006 Kenon
The Science of Absolute Space
July 2014 140714 Kenon.doc
30  readers Started with focusing away from solid material to the holes in it. Recognising the importance and function of holes. Followed by recognising the importance of space between things… the enormous space in atoms. Clear insight: For solutions, we must start looking inside the kenon and not matter.  Recognised the omnipresence and stationary character of kenon
30 November 2009 Infinitum minus Atomos June 2011 Infinity minus Atomos 091130!.rtf
 10 readers Getting to know kenon, the infinite space, by subtracting the number of indivisible atomos from it.
25 September 2014 In the End Sept 2014 In the End 140925 !.rtf
 37 readers
Starts with a vision, a key and a burning library. The important part is, when I look through five different doors, seeing the same empty space.
18 January 2015 A Cycle Febr 2015 A Cycle 150211 !.rtf
 45 readers
A poem about a creek, which changes into a waterfall, then mist, then it evaporates. A metaphor about how we can see the cyclic life of other things but not ours. Our memories are wiped out when we return.
06 March 2015 Time and Gravity April 2015 Time and Gravity 150331!.doc
 20 readers In geostatic satellites times runs faster than on Earth. High gravity slows time. The speed of light is not constant. Time and Ageing. The gravity paradox. Are time and gravity only experienced? How does it affect the size of living things? What if a living thins is not aware of gravity? Newtonian continuum.
18 April 2015 Images of the Nothing June 2015 Images of Nothing 150620!.rtf
 23 readers About my vivid imagination. The waterfall which did not arrive in the valley. Seeing the circular waterfall and using it for letting go. Descending into the waterfall and sensing Kenon.   Using the power of … to suck away nasties, which prevent me from clear hearing.
27 May 2015 Melting Moments June 2015 Melting Moments 150527.rtf
 14 readers About Chuang Tzu, focusing on moments, the increments are getting smaller. Dancing and the flow of time, moments melt. The bow of a ship, razor blade sharp, dividing flow lines of time, the vacuum between the lines rips me away from matter.
09 June 2015 Much to say October 2015 Much to say 150906.rtf
 7 readers How I began thinking and writing about nothing. 99.99% … Democritus and kenon and everything.
06 September 2015 Floating in Kenon November 2015 Floating in Kenon 150906.rtf
 12 readers On a Sunday afternoon, I found myself floating in kenon, the unlimited empty space, what happened there… and how I returned
17 June 2015 Simply said: December 2015 Simply said 150617.rtf
 10 readers What the wise men say about important matters. My way of seeing all. The Five Elements of the Cosmos, the way I have experienced them and was able to put them into words.
23 October 2015 Everything is and is not; Simultaneously! January 2016 Everything is and is not 151023
 33 readers When it told me something, I could sense but not enough to find words to write about it.  There are countless, parallel times, which is a big number… and a few more surprising insights.

This list is ongoing, I hope.


Wolfgang Köhler
Published: 24 October 2015
Last update: 25 June 2017

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