… Excogitations?

This section is about inspirations, which sprung from extended pondering.  Excogitations. (in my web name, URL, I l left the E at the start, xcogitations)  So far, when I enthusiastically told friends this stimulating word, everyone asked me: “What’s that?” I like it when people ask.

Amadeus Wordjuggler
Amadeus W.

After roaming in the net, I found most dictionary sites use the same database with identical definitions.  This is the meaning that I discovered:

1.  Thinking something out with care to achieve complete understanding of it

2.  Microsoft Encarta does not know the word… surprise, surprise

3.  Oxford Dictionary: Origin: early 16th century: from Latin excogitat => ‘found by process of thought’, from the verb excogitare > ex ‘out’ + > cogitare ‘think’. . . therefore, an old codger is a person of some age who thinks.  One wonders what caused the derogative undertone.

Here, I have selected some of my thoughts not because of their importance, however, instead, they occupied my mind for far too long.  You know this annoying feeling?  Writing them down gets rid of this feeling and releases the occupied bits of brain cells.  There is only a limited number, the average adult human brain has about 100 billion cells.

Mostly not or not at all have I achieved a complete understanding of the subject’s matter, but rather only to a small degree.   This leaves room for your thoughts and comments.  Here we go….

Want to know about ↓ All there is ↓?



Amadeus W.

13 June 2011

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