That is Infinity?

When you cut a stick in half and keep on dividing in half, the piece which you are dividing shrivels to a small piece of stick and you will need all sorts of enlargement equipment so that you still can see it and all sorts of cutting utensils, but it will never disappear, something always remains, ready to be divided.

When you take a ball and double its size and keep on multiplying, it grows infinitely big, but an infinite larger volume of nothing still exists to expand into.

When the infinitely small and the infinitely big keep on shrinking and extending, they accelerate diametrically apart; eventually, they almost reach the speed of light.

Then relativity bends time and space till their endpoints meet and then, eventually, the small and the big will collide and fuse, and nothing is the same as something.

That is infinity.


Or, a bit more poetic:


That is infinity?

When the small shrivels, it will never vanish,
When the big swells, the endless void will still exist
When they accelerate apart near the speed of light
When relativity curves time and space till their endpoints meet
When small equals big, and they collide and fuse
When nothing is something
That is infinity.


Wolfgang Köhler
17 November 2004

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