Ordinary Thoughts

… it’s pretty ordinary.
0812 19 me small high
         at Sunday markets, summer 2010, quite ordinary

Ordinarity could be the title of this section.  Not much to say about it.  Maybe, just maybe, one day I will have a second look at ordinary life with a fresh mind.

Yes, if I don’t watch it, it’s gone.  Ordinarity gives comfort.  All is OK.  Nothing unusual, just fine.  Isn’t this good?  Just really, ordinarily nice!

During these everyday, comfortable moments, when all runs smoothly, it is during those moments when I am open enough to hear when the unusual knocks on the door.  It is the dynamic potential, which makes audible unusuality’s quietest rustle of above the hum of ordinarity.

Then, I find plenty of good reasons Why Aeroplanes can’t fly and what the story is behind Black Holes.  When I would ask myself the question, whether it is actually possible at all to make a point.  Then I notice that miracles do happen whether we believe it or not…

Have a look what’s on offer under  ↓All there is↓, in the table of content.



Wolfgang Köhler
13 June 2011

Why ingeneer?
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