my Life

… so far, so?

In short, I would describe myself as someone who knows a little about a lot of things.

Who am I?

In the philosophy of The Tao, there is talk about the ‘innate nature’ of beings and things. On the path of discovering one’s self, this question arises, inevitably: “What is my innate nature?”

I found the less I think, evaluate or judge myself, the more I reduce wishful thinking, self‑criticism and comparing myself with others, then I approach my innate nature. How do I know? Because I believe, I have been very close and it felt great. Great? A sense of lightness, quiet joy, piece, nothing needs to be done.

My Writings

The outcome of my sentiments and excogitations are sediments of experiences and fermentation of many ingredients, brewing in my head.

1504 05 Me open mind
Amadeus W. with an open mind

I have exposed myself to life and its challenges.  Sometimes, life was in charge and sometimes I believe, it was my choice. Due to the high gain of my sensory faculties, I have felt deeply and absorbed ample of memories.  Surely, this agitated my mind’s concoctions.

The above supplied my mind with courage to meander along uncommon and unknown paths, the openness to accept non‑conforming conclusions and the skill to express them with confidence.

My inspirations for writing arrive from the realm of freedom and nothingness.  It finds and absorbs me.  Why me?  All you find here comes from there.  When inspiration stops and my keen mind wants to continue all excited, I stop and wait, until this other space opens, again.

While reading, you may wonder: “Where is he coming from?”  or: “Where is he from?”  I agree, both are portentous question.  I am born in Germany, but, this may not be the answer you were expecting.

Another question, likely to cross your mind could be: “Is his (my) mind okay?”  And, I won’t argue with you.  Someone formulated a strikingly simple definition for intelligence:   “If you agree with me, you are!”

I am not applying this to you, by no means, honestly.

What I am postulating here, sometimes, may not agree with your understanding of matters and things, nor with postulates of science or domineering Weltanschauung.  Vive la differenceAnd so be it.

Much has been talked and written about the mind and the heart, what they are and what the difference is between them and who is the more important of the two.  How academic.

Here is a cunningly poignant answer:
“The mind thinks, it is.  The heart knows, it does not matter.”


The timeline shows when subjects of learning arrived.  Subjects of learning, which I can name. Indubitably, many have passed me by, unnoticed.  Some stayed, for long or ever since.

1945 — Enter into three-dimensional world
1952 — School (exposure to absolute power)
1956 — Pastor Köhnlein (my adult role model)
1962 — Classic Music (discovery of beauty of sound)
1963 — Girls (discovery of …)
1970 — Bachelor of Ingeneering (sense of achievement)
1979 — Heuristics (conscious and subconscious work)
1986 — Shiatzu and Tai Kyoku Ken (magic) from Japan
1990 — Master of Arts (expansion of me, like-minded others)
1991 — North American Indians (practical magic)
_________in particular: Hopi, Seneca Wolf and Navaho.
1992 — Dancing (change of a belief for a non-dancer)
_________from Ghana, India and Latin America
1993 — Rebirthing (entering deeply into the subconscious)
2000 — India (experience of an old culture)
2003 — Young people with disabilities (… and be happy)
2008 — Vanuatu (contentment and gentle happiness)
2010 — Growing older (illnesses, debilitations, age?)
2014 — The Form Reality Practice (return to my inner side)
2016 — Yes, age (increasing physical and mental debilitation)

_________What’s next?


12 November 2016

Amadeus W.


Here is more about me as a writer A Writer’s Biography

… and where I am coming from Art of Asking


Want to know about ↓ All there is ↓?


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