A Cycle

Cool runs the water
The creek sings its song
For the rocks in its path
Solid I stand on a flat, smooth stone

Knee deep water caresses my calves
Soft moss comforts my feet
A gentle current tickles between my toes
Joy and adventure fill my heart

Light beams filtered through the canopy
Touch the water surface
The eye sees glaring flickers
The seer a dance

creek part offClicks and gurgles
Melodic murmurs
Keenly telling memories of travel
From the source to here

Repeating the same story
Always new
I know the cycle of water
The water does not

I listen with kindness
My smile is my reward
Patience permits silence
And hearing the teacher

Water lives the flow of now
Forgotten the past
The future is yet to be born
For water my knowing is inconceivable

Inquisitive, my mind listens
Ponders to understand
My heart giggles
It knows, it does not matter


Adventure moves my foot
My toes find another rock
They probe
Before I commit

Some rocks are bare
Some clad with moss
No need to rush
There is always a forward

At the point of choice
I decide when to step
To stay safe or take a risk
The consequences cannot be known

Reflection hides the rocks further on
Planing the way is foolish
Without understanding
I know, there will always be a next

Determined I step
The water resits with burbles and gurgles
A moment later, all is calm
The intruder is forgotten


The water is shallow, runs swiftly
More clean rocks
Safe choices are plenty
I move faster

The current speeds up
All rocks are clean
This is fun
I hear a distant murmur


Now, at the edge, I stand
Look down into the deep
The ground is hidden in a haze
More forest on the other side

The valley opens to the east
The ocean casts glitters on the horizon
The opulence tires my eyes
And they close

My mind is curious and calm
All senses are inside and alert
I stand grounded
Feel the firm rock under my feet

waterfall part off

Like a candle lit at the bottom end
I melt, disperse in the water
As one, the current tears us over the edge

A moment filled with a child’s wonder
My matter scatters, I float in air
No sense of falling
Exquisite joy

My cells detach and move apart
Molecules break into atoms
Dividing continues into smaller parts
Surprised I find: I still am

Water foams, evaporates into clouds
My smallest bits adhere to misty pearls
My ‘I am’ expands as they drift apart
Towards the ocean, never reaching the ground






What feels ‘I’?
I am not,
And part of all, inside all and around

drop on leaveOne morning
A dewdrop clings to the drooping tip of a blade of grass
The Sun makes it rainbow
Somewhere the essence of ‘me’ is found.

Someone ‘me’ wonders:
What comes next?
Imposed is a sense of time.
A new cycle of ‘I am’.

Linked with time again, I proceed
Old knowing dissolves quickly
Innocent, I start anew
As if I never had before.


Wolfgang Köhler
18 January 2015

Why ingeneer?
Want to know about ↓ All there is ↓?
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The above is a collection of written images I saw
during a Form sharing session
on Sunday, 18 January 2015

I found a poem, written over twenty years ago
on the same topic… here is the link


Acknowledgement:  The photos I found on the internet.

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6 thoughts on “A Cycle”

  1. Dear Wolfgang
    These words exist in the formless deep. They have always existed. Their truth is made feminine in the written words and the truth is made masculine in the void of the formless deep.
    Your words balance me.
    Love Annette

  2. beautiful! loved it all … your life’s journey … reflected in the mirror of water & deepened to the depths of its flow … well done my dear friend … keep it coming … I’m intrigued delighted relieved & touched! Besos & love Annie

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