… to find out?

140926 Me on Tree brighter
After the 7 day Form retreat in September 2014

I have been practising The Form for half a year now. For those, who don’t know what this is, visit The Form’s home website  The Form Reality Practice for in-depth information…. or, here is a brief impression:

It is a type of meditation, I say a type, because, after 30 years of exploring and awaking, I have not come across anything like it.

As an onlooker, you see one person sitting on a chair and another person performing Tai Chi like moments around the person on the chair. We call it dancing The Form.

During dancing The Form, I often see or receive intuitions.  Since they are increasing, I started publishing them under a common heading.

Our teacher in Brisbane, Australia, is Dr Chan.  We meet regularly, once a month under his guidance.


Wolfgang Köhler
18 February 2015

Why ingeneer?
Want to know about ↓ All there is ↓?
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PS:  Form dancers, you are invited to publish here.

PPS:  Below, my business card as used from the late eighties to 2008

business cardAnyone surprised?  Life is a laughing fool.  How cunningly it plans.  These words had a profound meaning for me, then and still has.  Would you ever expect, it would return with another deep meaning?  Come, laugh with me.  Do you want to know, what technical innovation management means?  Have a look at Formgestaltung, Form-giving.  It will give you an idea, what was going on inside me, while I was doing it.  I would not tell anyone.  What would they have called me, then?

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