Circle Mudra

… about forming it

Hands open, back of hand resting on … something.
I close my eyes.
Thumbs and index fingers start forming the circle mudra.

Slowly four fingers move towards each other, in pairs.
I started the movement
Observe and watch from inside.

I know, I had started to move those fingers.
But can’t remember when.
They are in motion, this I know.

When will they meet? I don’t know.
They keep moving towards each other. This I know.
At one time they will meet, I know. No doubt.

I anticipate, what it will feel like when they meet?
Has it not happen before? I don’t know.
They move, I can feel it, this I know, now.

Boring? No.
There is excitement, not knowing what for.
Something is going to happen… that never happened before.





It just happened.
The moment of the first touch was so short, I almost missed it.
What was it like?

Now my fingers touch.
There is a sense of sharpness, bitterness, like electricity.
A flow of energy circles from thumbs to index fingers.

Why am I not surprised
When my fingers touched at the same instant.
The question vanished like never thought.

What was it like, the first touch.
It was good. Good?
Do it again and this time, really watch, so you remember.

I open my fingers a fraction.
The current stops.
There is a tiny burning jab at my fingertips.

How wide are they apart?
Now, they are moving towards each other, again.
I know this.

I also know that they will meet; they met before.
And there was a binginginging!
I remember this. It came as a shock, and it was good.

My fingers move towards each other.
This time I want to focus and observe so I can remember.





What was that?
Oh, the moment of the first touch is really so short.
One can miss it so easily.

It’s so short and all consuming, one doesn’t know what is happening.
What did happen?
Now, I feel the current again.

Oh, yes, like before.
Almost familiar now; the moment of bing.
I really want to work this out. Let’s do it again.

I am getting good a this.
I know what is going to happen.
This is fun.

No, not now.
No, still not.

Be patient.
Must be soon.

Very soon.
I have to work on shortening this process.





This was strong. An excellent one.
But already gone.

Moments are so short.
How could I stretch a moment?
Could I?

A splendid question.
How could I approach this?
I will suss this out.

We know, time is relative and inverse-correlates with gravity.
So, if I would sit in a black hole, time would be very slow.
Therefore, moments would be much longer.

What a great idea.
How can I get into a black hole?
I remember hearing, there are black holes everywhere.

They can be quite small.
I could stand next to one and would not know.
How could one recognise the presence of a small handy black hole?

Perhaps, if I notice time slowing down?
Ahm, no, because in a common continuum, I would move slower too.
Proportional to the slowing down of time, I would not notice any difference…


Why are we talking about black holes?


Wolfgang Köhler
15 April 2015

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circle mudra 1 crop
for those who don’t know what a circle mudra is

2 thoughts on “Circle Mudra”

  1. Hi Wolfgang,
    This is Clare. We met at Pee Tek’s retreat in April. I am writing this from New Zealand.;-). Thank you for your offering it brought the week and the form back to me. The beauty of the form 😉

    1. Hi Clare. I am glad my story brought back good memories. My dancing the Form often instigates some of the stories I write about. Metamorphosis also popped up during a discussion after Form sharing. Enjoy, Amadeus Wolfgang

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