In the End

There was a hook on the wall with a key ring and a key hanging on. It was ornamented with an intricate key bit. It looked handcrafted and old, seemingly belonging to a treasure chest or something else valuable.

This observation happened while the fire of passion was burning the leftovers of my library. My collection of volumes of superseded beliefs, invalidated thoughts, distorted filters of perception, a useless clutter of data and outdated information. The lot.

…..For sure, at some stage in my past, they all had made sense, were useful and soundly substantiated on authorised information, observation and derivation. They supported me in arriving here and now. Now, I gratefully release them to the flames. You can imagine, this drew my attention away from the key hanging on its hook.

When I looked back to the hook again, there were two keys on the keyring. There was a short moment of slight astonishment. Where did it come from? There was no time to ponder, the dimming fire, the embers and occasional burst of flames here and there demanded me to stay aware.

five-old-keys-blue-bckgrdWhen I briefly looked at the hook again, there were three keys. A bit taken aback, slightly humoured, I wondered, how much more would there be when I would look next time. Next time, there were four and later five.

Robby from Forbidden Planet 3
Robby from the “Forbidden Planet”

Except a few scorched wooden shelf parts reaching up at odd angles, the library had burned down completely. A humanoid vacuum cleaner robot (like in Forbidden Planet) had started rummaging around and cleaning the debris.  After a little while of observation, I trusted, the vacuum cleaner would perform its task without me sufficiently well.

I took the key ring off the hook and inspected those keys more closely. They all looked very similar, but the intricate key bits were notably different, indicating, they all belonged to different locks… of different doors.


Without any further ado, I started walking out onto the rainbow coloured ground, out into a gentle landscape. After a short walk, in the middle of nothing else, there stood a door with a door-frame. It was a solid looking wooden door with six panels.  I walked around it, it was free standing and looked the same from the other side.five-old-key-1

Somewhat absent-minded, without choosing, I took just one of the five keys, stuck it in the keyhole and to my slight surprise, it unlocked the door. I had not expected that the first key would fit. It must have been a coincidence.

I pushed down the door handle, and the door swung open easily. Inside I saw thick black velvet darkness with a fine light blue line at the horizon. It looked inviting and tempted me to enter and explore; however, the curiosity over the four more keys took the better of me.

I knew, what was behind this door now, however, I did not know what the other four keys were for. Therefore, I closed the door and kept on walking.


After walking through the rainbow coloured, gentle landscape, I arrived at another door, free-standing like the first, in the middle of nowhere. It looked so similar to the first door.  I had not examined it closely.  It could have been the same, actually.

However, I remembered one detail of the first door, it had six panels, this door had only two. Assuming there were more doors, I inspected this door in more detail.

Slightly confused about finding another free-standing door, I grabbed another key without any thought. I turned it in the look, and again it unlocked the door. Now I was really surprised.

five-old-key-2What is the purpose of having very different keys if they all unlock the doors?  Will it be the same at the next door?  I was sure, there would be another door.

Before moving on, I had a look inside.  There was the same thick black velvet darkness with a fine light blue line at the horizon.  I was not very surprised.

Did I go in? No. So far, there had been two doors with darkness behind them, and, I had still three more keys.  I was determined to find out what was going on.  I closed the door and started walking, again.


Walking through the gentle landscape, I can’t remember for how long or what distance, I saw another door in the distance.  I was not surprised.  The randomly chosen key opened the door. What did I see?five-old-key-3

You guessed correctly.  There was the same thick black velvet darkness with a fine light blue line at the horizon. Did I step inside? Of course not. There was not much attraction in this; however, the fifth key was pulling me forward.

What about the style of door?  What about its details?  All this had occupied me so much, I had forgotten about it, completely.  From now on, the next doors could have been repetitions of previous doors, and I would not have noticed.  I had five keys, and I wanted to open five doors.


I did not run, but I walked very fast. I was somewhat intense when I saw the door in the gentle landscape ahead of me. five-old-key-4Door number four. Almost a bit bored I observed the same routine again.

No problem with picking the correct key and inside the same thick black velvet darkness with a fine light blue line at the horizon.  Of course, I did not step inside.


I was entirely sure there was a fifth door.  Would the space behind it be the same as the previous four? Not after long, I arrived at the fifth door.five-old-key-5

For sure, I picked the correct key. I unlocked and opened the door and what did I see? Thick black velvet darkness with a fine light blue line at the horizon.

For a while I stood there, stunned, even my mind was confused and withheld any comments. How can this be possible? I felt irony in this repetitiveness. There must be a meaning in this absurdity. What?


Something beyond thought whispered: “Everything has a purpose. Everything. Some people find five keys, some find thirteen and some only one. The number is precisely the number, which suits you, individually.”

Japanese symbol for door


The insight glared at me like a flash. It is all up to me. Any of those intricate keys I choose opened the doors to…? Without me, without me deciding to walk, explore and open doors, nothing would have happened. I acted, and I opened five doors.

I could have stepped into the first door with the same result. In hindsight, this is easy to say. However, then, I decided to persevere with my exploration.

How many doors did I need to open, until I finally, finally, finally, finally, finally would step inside?

The mind asks questions, the heart said: it does not matter… in the end.


Oh, how much I love my sweetheart mind… my sweetheart and mind… knowing all this? He loves coming back to the same topic and to see what new insights have formed while he was absent, sleeping or hunting other stories, being busy transforming them into words and vibrations.

Here and now I am, after the three days, it took to write the essay on Design and Formgestaltung and scribbled down a few more ideas for Cedric’s adventures.

Remember, the bits of the keys looked all very intricate and distinctly different and how surprised I had been, every time when I picked a key, and it had always been the correct one? One would not expect this.

There is a simple solution for this. No magic at all. I only need to change my point of view, look at the same situation from a different direction. Sure, the keys were all different and very intricate…

… but the looks were all so very simple, any key they could have unlocked them, even a bent screwdriver.  

The shape or number of the keys were unimportant and so number of doors I opened

… important was that I started walking and that I opened them, without me, they would not have been opened.

And behind all the five different doors I found the same. Thick black velvet darkness with a fine light blue line at the horizon. Perhaps all the doors opened to the same thing, and I was looking at it from different directions.

It looked the same scene from all the different directions… it would not have mattered, which door I had stepped through. It was only a question of time, how many invitations did I need before I accepted the offer.  Ahm, I did not step in, actually.  Perhaps, next time?



Here is the drawing, which made my journey clear to me. The squarish things are the doors, and the stylised outcrops prevented me from seeing the next door while close to the present one.  In actual fact, the distances or hindrances were much larger and are symbolic for me wandering around in the landscape.

Each door opened to the same.  What were the darkness and the light blue line?  Your idea is as good as mine.  The dot in the middle? I don’t know. I put it there because it looked better with it.

no-where…. now-here!


Wolfgang Köhler
Byron Bay, 25 September 2014

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