For a long time, I thought… like most of us
We lived in a world of Duality
I found it is a world of Quadruplicity


This current of visions came to me during a Form sharing on 11 February 2015.

It took only a few seconds to grow. Too short for any analysing or critical thoughts to influence the process or result.

After the session, I had to jump up and find a piece of paper to jot it all down.  Here it is:


Quadruplicity Original 150211

The M for MAKER I changed into the DREAMER.  This demarcates it better from the next, the SHAPER, which I initially was called the F for FORMER.  Did not sound right.

Vishnu appeared first in the Father’s corner, but Vishnu is much more explicit and rather belongs in the Shaper’s corner.  The sphere of the expanding question, around the quadruplicity, had a real glow to it.


The sketch does not show the evolution, which I experienced as significant.

This is my first go at a slideshow.  I hope it works for you.

The images have a title… expressing the image’s essence.  Directly below the picture, I describe what I felt at the time and after the —- what information I sensed.  The numbers before the writing help me to keep it all in sequence.

After the slideshow, further below on this page, I have added a few more thoughts on this matter.

Click on the first image below, the one with the guy hanging upside down.  One could call it an inverted pose.  Once you are in the slideshow, keep clicking on the arrow on the right.  Unless you want to see evolution in reverse.  And why not?



Wolfgang Köhler
15 March 2015

Why ingeneer?
Want to know about ↓ All there is ↓?
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