Formgestaltung, the Day after

A day later after writing the above, about an hour ago, over a cup of coffee, this topic still occupies me. It was not the coffee, but the time of doing nothing, almost thinking nothing. What part of me? It feels like both, the heart and the mind. How this is possible?

Allow me to tell you about my feeling-thinking.  The Heart intrigued me.  Oops, what did I just call it?  Is this the other Space?

I am a visual person and I believe, a drawing says more than a thousand words, and I love using drawings to streamline my design process (or is allowing the Heart to enter and help me to see?).

Coffee Design 141004 high contrast
picture 1 — coffee page

May this be as it is, here you can see the total outcome of a few minutes, while I was waiting for my coffee to reach a drinkable temperature.

It was scribbled on a piece of scrap paper, which the lovely people at my coffee shop gave me after I had dashed up to the counter, calling out for a piece of paper, with some urgency.  No, not for going to the bathroom.

A whole page of my coffee time design (Form-gestaltung).
I know from experience when it comes, it comes fast and if I don’t write it down immediately, in 5 minutes it can be gone.  Even at night, it may happen, I have always a few sheets of paper next to my bed.

Soon after this moment of transfer, I must jot down some comments, otherwise, I lose the sense it made at the time.

Sometimes, when translating my scribbles into intelligible writing (is it?), when I seem to have lost the sense, I stop writing. I wait and a bubble of sense starts growing. After it bursts, I start writing again.

Anyhow, it was all flowing out of me, if I may use this bold expression. In the next paragraphs, I will take you through the page, trying to make myself clear, to you and myself, for future references, hopefully.


First I designed this drawing. I added some comments to demonstrate to you the thought about interface. I have mentioned this expression, yesterday.

Linear TaiChi + writing
picture 2 — Linear Tai Chi

Rather than finding words, I started doodling picture 2.  I copied it from the top left-hand corner of picture 1 — coffee page, I called it linear Tai Chi. I don’t want to analyse it but rather tell you, how the drawing developed.

I started with the light circle on the left, depicting the other Space, let’s call it the Heart, from now on. Here invention takes place. The source of the word is Latin (in-ventionem, meaning having arrived from somewhere). The word to ventilate can be seen there, too.

In German, invention is called Erfindung meaning being found.  It only can be found if it already exists.  It must have been evoked from somewhere. The invention would stay there as it is, forever, unless there is someone who instigates, has the intention to make it come real, the process of creating. It is being in-tension, providing the force of being pulled towards manifestation.

The right circle is the thinking part, the collection of knowledge, containing all of an ingeneer’s years of study and experience. And in a good ingeneer’s repertoire is a sprinkle of an artist, a carer, a dot of beauty, an intangible bit.  This causes his invention to evoke feelings in the user, such as joy, beauty, pride, greatness, or boasting. And it always contains some magic.

The two circles are apart, however, they have a long line of contact. Here, they touch each other and influence each other. When I feel one and see one then there is one.

Now I want to explain the process as I felt it.  Starting at the left, in the Heart, the expression, the sense of form is limitless.  Here it is of low density (high vibration, on the left), its shape can easily be changed, an intention, a feeling or thought is enough.  On its way towards manifestation, its vibration lowers, its fineness turns to solidness.

After the ingeneer has drawn the shape on paper, when models are made and subsequently tools, the more its density increases and change becomes more difficult. This is the progression of materialisation.  When all questions are answered the form is solid. The connotation of right or wrong becomes possible.

During the transfer towards reality, skills come to count. The more skilled a person is, the less thought (right or wrong) interferes with the connection between the knowing of the Heart and the hand giving shape. A skilled painter’s creative inner is directly connected with the tip of his brush. Mixing the right colour and density is of no concern.


Allow me to interrupt the reasoning and seasoning of the design process for a moment. You probably have already noticed, the picture 2 from above (from where?) looks familiar, somehow.

I was happily intrigued and driven to discover how the transformation from my initial drawing into the Tai Chi could happen. Experiencing the transformation made me joyfully excited and I like to show you how it worked in picture 3.

TaiChi evolution
picture 3 — Transformation

First, I move the circles closer together sliding along the contact line (top picture) until they end up next to each other (middle).


There is no distance between the two circles.  No distance between Heart and Mind.


Finally, I wrapped the pointy long arms around the circles. Embracing each other, they bring the line of touch closer to their centres.



picture 4 — Heart and Mind kissing

This is the drawing from the left bottom section of my coffee sketch, picture 4.  When I read and decipher things later, often, I find myself amazed what little pearls had formed there: ‘The heart kisses the mind.  The mind talks, being so excited about what it feels.”

The parting line (parting = leaving) gives shape to both. See what I mean?

Should I continue, adding the notion of feminine and masculine? The masculine, the initiator of creation, steady and still, the feminine in her dance, the maker of things?

That’s it, no more now. Look closely and you will find and see more for yourself.


Like the painter, as I am writing, the process of getting words into the computer, is a skill I have. I feel and I write. The choice of words and any other choices needing to be made are not of my concern. There is a fine impression inside me and a care for you, my reader.

May you enjoy reading, may the vibration inside me resonate inside you, with your other Space (we agreed to call it the Heart) and with thought and perception interfering as little as possible… and smile.


Wolfgang Köhler
14:47, 03 October 2014

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