Ahead of Science


Science as we know it is about 500 years old.  It has turned stale, ended up in a cul-de-sac.  By looking at the world in a different way I offer a fundamentally new approach to science.  Click on Kenonics to start your journey of an extraordinary discovery.  There is still plenty of opportunities for your contributions.

William of Ockham, Wilhelm von Ockham (c. 1285–1349) coined a definition, frequently referred to by scientists as Occam’s Razor when puzzled by the many answers they find from asking the same question.  Ockham suggested: “Simple answers are the more likely to be the correct answers.” For more on old Mr Ockham click on him.

Currently, scientific answers are getting more complicated.  Everyone could understand Newton with his apple when he explained gravity.  But, how about Albert’s   E = mc2 ?  We all have heard of it, we all say it, but do we know what it means?  No way, José!

Under this heading, I investigate new ways of science, providing simple answers everyone can understand, answers to challenges ignored by current, Euclidean science.

Questions and answers that make sense to everyone, it’s common sense, the sense we seem to have lost.  Those you can you look at and can say with full conviction and satisfaction: “Yes, this makes sense.”  And you don’t have to be a scientist.  You understand the apple and gravity thing?  Of course.  That’s my point.

Infinitum minus Atomos

The first small contribution heralding the expansion of current science with the intention to turn your attention towards the infinite, an area avoided by science, because it seems to be more difficult to grasp than ZERO.  Either is an illusion.

Introduction to Kenon

This is a contribution, which renders current science obsolete.  Not more, nor less.  Under the heading, you will find a short letter of introduction.  If you feel inspired, then read on.  If you feel not so sure, read some other article on my blog.  That’s quite ok.


Wolfgang Köhler
13 June 2011

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