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                  Amadeus W. — Expert in Parapsyche

This took me a long time… to find a word for this section, which says what I feel.

Allow me to prepare the ground.  A few months ago, I started meditating again. Mediation is a big, demanding word. We expect so much from it and assume we have to learn and focus and still the mind in order to get there. To where?

From the mid 80th, for ten years, I was meditating, seriously. Every morning from 4 to 5 and every evening from 7 to 8. No matter what. Even the girlfriend had to wait or join in.

Now, I am less serious. No technique. I sit and see what happens.

Here, I write about what I experience. Where is reality? This is my first contribution under the above heading. Once you have digested this one, you know why every experience, dreamt, meditated, real or illusioned contributes towards who I am.

Here, I will write about my reality while sitting.


Amadeus W.

9:47 AM, 15 June 2010

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PS:  I forgot completely to talk about the etymology of the title of this section.  It’s about my reality, while I am sitting.  From experience, I know that this reality, my reality while sitting, is borderline to commonly accepted reality and often far beyond.  A good pre-syllable for beyond is para and where I go is beyond the mind, the psyche.  Here we go, Parapsyche it is.  Too easy.


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