Thoughts without Rhyme

A Selection of my Proverbs


If you are very lucky, I will be a child.

Feelings are the flowers on the meadow of life

Caring is identification with what one is doing.

Are sheep humble?

The greatest risk is not outside.

Simplicity is the taste of truth offered in the cup of love.

The future is a result of your identity.

Compromises are permissible.
It means being kind to yourself.

Accepting miracles expands reality.

The level of your consciousness is measured by the honesty of your selfishness.

Life is a full-time job

The more I know, the greater the obstacle to see my wisdom.

In a world of gold
a blue bird is special

There are two types of days.
Each morning I decide
when I look through my bedroom window:
Sundays and Raindays.

Is life in this imperfect world
with reminders of our godlikeness,
with pain and inner knowing
just an adventure trail for bored spirits?

Questions and answers are cycles.
Life’s cycle starts with an answer and
Ends with an answer.

If you know you are good, kind and loving
you are not
only if you are empty … you are.

Real knowledge begins
When you start reading the newspaper
Upside down.

Problems, desires, worries and expectations
are the food for the mind
starve it and it will be quiet.

Peace begins with surrender,
forced by a desire that overrules all other feelings.

The result of thinking is believing
The result of doing is knowing.

Love is not a problem to be analysed
but an experience to be lived.

The way I experience a moment is my way.

Sitting on the edge of my soul, dangling my legs over the abyss of eternity.

The secret of eternal happiness is: Be happy now.

Longings leave gaps in the mind, which the heart fills

Isn’t devising fun the noblest task to which the mind can be applied?

Usually, our actions qualify us.
Occasionally, it is the job we refuse that set us apart.

Life is not a riddle to be solved but a miracle to be enjoyed.

We create our reality in ways, which prove our beliefs right.

Can any battle be won?

Searching requires doubting of what we perceive as reality.

Only collect what casts no shadow

Ignorance is no proof of non‑existence

What is the length of a string, which is being spun?

Many see a hollow tube, few see the flute, even less make it sound

Most important for success is not talent but perseverance
Intellect prevents from trying and fast learning from trying again.

Absence of matter does not constitute nothing

Harmony with all is the result of self-change

Knowledge talks… Wisdom whispers

Consciousness keeps you occupied when there is nothing else to do.

Clouded perception easily lures arrogance to believe it knows it all.

One star is enough proof for the existence of the universe.

We can’t change the world, the world is changing

Wake up to the sound of a one hand clap…
Who clapped? How could you hear it?

There are only three moments.
The one, which will never come, the one now, and the one when it is too late.

Wisdom has no author.


Wolfgang Köhler
collected since 1990
updated: 05 June 2015

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