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Cab-Sav, not too old, the philosopher’s ale

Somehow it happened, when I was lost in my thoughts, that I wrote the same article for the topic Heuronics as well as for Metasophy.  Sure, both topics are about thinking; however, they are also significantly different enough to keep them apart.

You are in the section of Heuronics, and if you want to read about Metasophy, just go there.  Now and here, it’s about Heuronics.  Let’s start with the etymology of the word.  Very common is the word heureca! ≈ I found it!

Derived from this is the not so common word heuristics ≈ the science of solution-oriented, structured thinking, a way of thinking conducive to problem-solving using problem-solving techniques.

Heuronics is a new word depicting the mental process of searching and finding, using heuristic techniques, where applicable.  You can see that the articles contained under this topic reach to the fundamental questions of thinking.

One has truly mastered this technique the more often solutions to apparent problems find their solutions sporadically, almost instantly, involuntarily, with hardly any effort on the part of the thinker.  Could o

ne say, with as little thinking as possible?

One could ask: “Where do they come from?”  Very pertinent question, indeed.  One article under the banner of Heuronics talks about this, and if the above has been your burning question, go there and quench your curiosity.

Every thought has been thought before

This is pretty big.  On the opposite end, Heuronics also includes the minuscule, too.  You will discover, it can be so small that one questions its existence.  The next story tells you about it.

About making a Point

Yes, indeed, a tiny point.  What is there more?  Think!  What is the opposite of something extremely minuscul?  Here we go – Something extremely immense.  You may wonder:

That is Infinity?

Since the answer to such an unfathomable thought is beyond our comprehension, I am offering a somewhat romantic suggestion, taking some poetic license.


Amadeus W.

08 February 2015

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