Conscious Life

Things and beings are; happen; move; exist. It does not matter if anyone notices them or not. It does not matter to them either if someone is watching. A Japanese koan asks: “In a forest, if no one watches the falling tree, did it fall?” They do what they do, they exist without us knowing, they follow their innate nature, not matter whether we deem their being or doing purposefully.

It is the open, conscious eye that sees the world and its content. This is the meaning of the world: ‘to be seen’. The conscious mind perceives and interprets the perceived impression’s meaning, relying on prior stored cognitions and we name them. If the result is meaningful enough, the thought attached to the image (I love the taste of this cake) is transformed into a feeling, any feeling, some feeling. If it is something concrete, the feeling may trigger a response. And it is all over.


The less I know or believe to know, the more this event fills me. Even behind something not beautiful, not nice, not comfortable there is a feeling. Initially, it may cause fear, sometimes because I know the consequences of the event and sometimes because the experience is unknown.

Sooner than later, the curious mind looks for answers. Why did it happen? What am I scared of? What is the explanation of the event? The curiosity opens the mind, and the sense of searching creates a new feeling.

Unless I am scared of asking, the strength of this feeling increases and widens. And if I don’t find an answer I conclude there is something bigger, wider stronger, unfathomable, more intelligent, a higher power. Where did this sense come from? It started inside me. And it grew. And even at the point where I am stretched to the infinite, it is my creation. Is it still all inside me?


Allow me to spin this yarn again. The less I know, the less I judge because I can’t because I have not criteria. Consequently, the more, the deeper the feeling fills me, expands my inner space wanting to be filled with more.

This expansion, independent from what initiated it, gives me a sensation of wow! I am running out of words. I guess, I could call it energy, because there is a sense of tingling, or call it vibration because in this stillness is a sweet, high pitch, elating sound.

What otherwise would merely be, the eye of the beholder transforms this occurrence into energy, vibration, maybe a feeling of harmony. The deeper, the stronger I open up, the wider I expand, the more energy an individual event can incite.


Life, with the potential of consciousness – after attaining it, can do this job, the job of using events in and views of the world to initiate vibration and transform them into energy.

Then, secondly, we are amplifiers of this energy with its gain being determined by how much we are available to open, deepen, let this feeling grow inside, widen the space it fills.

Eventually, unavoidable, consciously or not the space as large it may be, it will fill up and the cup runneth over. At this time I have plenty and I surely absolutely know through my experience, it was me who filled up the cup and that I am capable of keeping it at a level. It is more than enough for my needs. I don’t mind if my cup runneth over.

The energy will flow over, anywhere, indiscriminately. Energy in motion, E- motion is love. It runs and runs. After a while, I am not even aware of it. Without saying, this means I have no expectations for any reaction or return attached to this outflow. There is no condition attached to the E-motion flowing out of me… unconditional E-motion = ‘unconditional love’. It is merely a result of being a conscious being.

It happens, inevitably. Nothing special, nothing needs to be done for it, nothing ‘achieved’ for it. We are amplifiers of universal energy.

It is merely a result of being a conscious being. It happens, inevitably. Nothing special, nothing needs to be done for it, nothing ‘achieved’ for it. We are amplifiers of universal energy.

Stay with me one more Step

All this is triggered by something, that happens anyhow, without me. It does not care, whether I see it or not. And, this simple, unaware, occurrence has the huge effect I have just described because I am conscious, occasionally. Now, come with me one more step. What if, what I see is something conscious, someone, conscious? Someone with depth, insight, strength? What if, what I observe is me? When what I observe is not a little flower outside, but is what happens inside me, what is as huge as my experience I told you about?
….I leave the rest to you.

It’s too exciting

It keeps expanding. Is there a limit? The mind installs limits, but it is not involved. How far can it grow? Indefinitely? There is something else we say is indefinite in its dimension, the universe. Can two items of infinite size coexist? I would like to postulate: There is only one infinite, there is only one universe. The conclusion is what is inside us is the universe. Through our consciousness, we are the universe made conscious, being conscious.


Wolfgang Köhler
8:27:42:05, sitting on my balcony, 19 August 2014

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2 thoughts on “Conscious Life”

  1. “The less I know, the less I judge, because I can’t, because I have not criteria.” I really like this sentence.

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