Imagine, all the people, living life in peace
(you know by whom)


Imagine … our mind is the limit … it is the only limit

Imagine … a white line along the horizon.  It could be anything… everything.  Infinitely everything.
mmmmm A million times more than the mind is able to imagine.

Imagine … something, anything … what the white line could be … stretch your mind to its limits.

Imagine… approaching, the white line takes on form.  Within this vague appearance,
mmmmm many things can be seen.  Like clouds in the sky.

Imagine … it ends up being something.  Was it within the scope of your mind’s ability?  Honestly!

Imagine … it had been outside the scope of your mind.  What now?
mmmmm Something exists, the mind could not imagine.


Imagine… there would be no limitation to the mind’s imagination.  Try.
The white line contains everything.  We know.  No need to believe.
Knowing has no doubt.

Imagine… we know, that anything, everything can be real.

Imagine… there is so much beyond imagination.
… and all is real.  Everything is.

Imagine … what is stopping us.


Wolfgang Köhler
5 May 2016

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